Developing/Establishing Credit

On Thursday, June 30th 2022 Mrs. Emily Jernigan of Smart Bank blessed our attendees with information on CREDIT.  The event was held at the Dothan Are Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs. Jernigan provided information that would benefit everyone when it comes to credit.  She touched on what it is, how to get it, and how to use it.  From purchasing insurance to purchasing a new automobile, she she showed how developing a good credit history would help.  She touched on what banks look for when lending money to potential clients and where you can go to get your credit history.  There was also some discussion on how to improve your credit after you get it.  After she completed the discussion, the floor was opened for questions.

The event was great and the participants left knowing more than they came in with.  If you would like to attend a future event, feel free to visit our site at or give us a call at (334) 655-0417.

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