Hiring Employees

On Thursday, August 25, 2002 the Entrepreneurship Council hosted a seminar on Hiring Employees.  The speakers included Ann Carr of Alabama Works and Robert Mays of Dothan Career Center in Dothan.

The speakers covered various programs available to businesses wishing to hire and for those interested in getting a job.  Some of the programs where for adults, but there were also programs for youth 16 – 24.  The Alabama Works also offers assistance in setting up business fairs.  They will even help with flyers.  The Dothan Career center has a database of jobs available in the area and will also help with finding matches for your job requirements.  Individuals can come into the career center and get help with thier resume and finding employment.

The event was great, and the participants left knowing more than they came in with.  If you would like to attend a future event, feel free to visit our site at www.entrepreneurshipcouncil.org or give us a call at (334) 655-0417.

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